Monday, 18 February 2013

All About Fire Doors

What is a fire door?

A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating and is used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire or smoke between rooms and corridors. We supply an extensive range of fire doors that are 44mm thick and are rated and certified FD30 (or 30 minute fire doors) which is the international standard.

When do I need fire doors in my house?

Fire doors are mandatory in any property which has more than two floors. If you have a new build three storey home or are considering adding a loft or basement extension to your existing home you will have to install fire doors throughout your home.

Our fire doors

Mexicano Fire Door

Our oak fire doors are engineered and come in the Mexicano and Victorian four and six panel style. The fire rated doors look just as good as the non-fire doors we offer, and are selected so that they match both our solid oak doors and internal engineered oak doors.

You may be considering a fire door for additional safety in your home or to comply with Building laws. Regulations around fire testing means that the materials used must be uniform. This cannot be guaranteed with 100% solid oak doors which is why they do not come with a fire rating certificate. 

If you are looking for a solid oak fire door we suggest that you speak to your building inspector as it may be possible for them to pass the inspection if they are coated with an intumescent treatment to help prevent them from burning. This decision will purely be down to the discretion of the safety inspector.

As with all of our doors the fire doors also come unfinished, treating a fire door would be the same as treating any solid or engineered door and using our recommended product Treatex will be fine.

You may also be considering altering the size of our fire doors. We recommend that you adjust the door by no more than 6mm in height and 6mm in width and please be aware than the fire rating certificate is based on the standard door, If adjustments are needed please seek advice from your fire safety inspector to see if it will still pass an inspection.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Period Door Knobs vs Designer Door Levers

When re-designing your living space, the look of your doors and the door furniture you choose can completely transform your property. There are a wide range of quality handles and door knobs at UK Oak Doors to suit any period of property and taste. From the rustic antique finish to the 1930’s style and then the more contemporary feel, you’ll find the look to complement your doors. The collections of period door knobs we offer are all handmade from brass, nickel and ebonised wood to create whatever finished look you are after. We have a unique range of designer door levers to suit both the traditional and contemporary property and will add a distinct finishing touch to your project or home.

Brass Beehive - Antique Finish
Ebonised Wooden Tulip Knob

If you were looking to purchase the Suffolk door and for example you’d like to keep the rustic antique look, one of the door knobs we would recommend is the Brass Beehive Period Door Knob in the Antique Finish (all of the knobs and handles are sold in pairs with an adjustable threaded spindle which is suitable for mortice locks and rim locking systems called the Pitts Mortice System).

As the above picture shows, our Brass Knobs are supplied without lacquer or sealant so that will age naturally over a period of time and complete the antique look and feel. 

Brass Bun Period Door Knob
For the Victorian door and the 1930’s door range, the brass bun period door knob would complement these perfectly, (please note – all our period door knobs are unsprung so you will also need to purchase a heavy duty door latch to ensure smooth turning and secure shutting of your doors).

Nickel Beehive Package
To create a more modern look to your property, our Mexicano door looks perfect with the Nickel Beehive Door Knob Ironmongery Package (the 3” heavy duty latch is included within this set and gives you everything to fix the knobs to the doors and close it).

Another package we offer and would also be a great addition to the Mexicano door is the Ebsonised Wooden Tulip Period Door Knob with Stainless Steel 3” butt hinges to hang the door. These hinges are also suitable for fire doors up to a FD60 rating and have ball bearing hinges.

Durham Door Lever
If door levers are more your style then we would recommend the beautiful Colchester/Durham or Warwick style to enhance your period doors:

Ancon Door Lever
For the more modern look to enhance your space, a popular choice with our customers are the Barcelona/Ancon or the Tunis Door Lever:

As standard, all of our designer door levers have a threaded rose, grub screw spindle lock, concealed fixings and all the fittings required to attach the leavers to your door.

In the designer door lever range we also have a variety of matching WC Turn and Releases plus Escutcheons and hinges so all of your door furniture will match perfectly.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What is a door lining set?

This is a common question as most people refer to linings as frames. In the trade we refer to external door casings as frames and internal casings as linings. At UK Oak Doors, oak lining sets are supplied in five different widths: 108, 133, 170, 250 and 300mm.

How do I know which size to order?
Select the next size up closest to the depth of your walls (e.g. If your walls are 120mm deep you would need the 133mm set). Your carpenter will trim the linings to match the walls. The linings are available in single and double sets. A single set consists of 2 x 2.1m and 1 x 1.1m piece plus the door stops. A double has 3 x 2.1m with door stops. The linings are supplied flat packed and each pack contains six pieces.

How does the door stop work?
The door stops are fitted last. These are what stop the doors from swinging in the frame. The door stops are not pre-attached to the linings; this is determined by the carpenter to fit the individual needs of your room. Other companies supply door stops pre-fitted (often referred to as a door casing) making them less versatile. If you have a mixture of normal 35mm thick internal doors and 44mm thick internal fire doors then clearly the door stop will need to be positioned accordingly.

What are UK Oak Doors lining sets made of?
Like all our products the lining sets are made from the finest European oak. This ensures the linings will be a perfect match to your new doors. Opening a door and seeing a lining set in a different finish will distract your attention and also the attention of your visitors away from your fantastic new doors!

How do I finish the lining sets?
The lining sets are supplied unfinished to enable you to finish as you require. Again this gives you the option of matching the treatment used on your doors and other items within your homes such as stair cases and wooden floors. We recommend Treatex Hardwax oils, this is a product we have tried and tested. We are impressed with both the finish it provides and the protection it offers. The linings are pre-sanded so all you need is the finishing coats.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Oxbow External Solid Oak Door

The Oxbow external door proved to be a big hit in 2011; a trend that has continued into the New Year and shows no signs of slowing.  The design is exclusive to leading supplier UK Oak Doors, and is versatile enough to work in traditional and contemporary homes alike, hence its broad appeal.

This is a solid oak external door made to a very high standard using traditional construction methods and crafted from sustainable PEFC certified European oak.  Supplied unglazed, the choice of glazing is left to individual tastes allowing customers to really put their own stamp on the final look and feel of this beautiful door.

The centre section is perfecting for adding a letterbox.

You might expect that you’d have to pay over the odds for solid oak external doors, but UK Oak Doors have laid down the gauntlet with competitive pricing, offering a superior product at great value for money.

For solid oak doors that are built to last, talk to UK Oak Doors, for quality without compromise.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Self-build projects and the importance of choosing the right doors for your home

Internal and external doors are a key component of any self-build project. UK Oak Doors specialise in providing great products at surprisingly low prices.
When buying a door from UK Oak Doors, you can rest assured that only sustainable oak has been used, combined with traditional construction methods. Your doors will be solid oak throughout and finished to a very high standard.
Many styles are available ranging from rustic barn/country styles through to period doors and contemporary designs. Whether your style is modern or classic, for the perfect finishing touch to your home, look no further than UK Oak Doors.
Contemporary Oak Door
The solid oak contemporary door is a popular choice amongst many self-builders. Beautifully crafted using mortice and tenon joints in the corners and 35mm thick, the contemporary door is identical front and back. For projects with a modern style, the solid oak contemporary door adds a real wow factor.
If a more rustic or traditional look and feel is required then consider a ledge and brace or barn door. Ledged barn doors come in a variety of styles and variations, all of which are constructed with tongue and groove boards. With traditional barn doors the ledges are fixed with screws to the vertical boards and then wooden plugs are used to fill the screw holes.
Barn Door with Hidden Fixings
However, UK Oak Doors have recently introduced a barn door with a twist! With design and style in mind, a new model has been introduced into the range where the decorative pencil bead on the front of the door is also used on the back to cover the screw holes across the ledges. This new style barn door with hidden fixings has become an instant hit with customers adding character and charm to many property types.
As with all of our solid oak doors, only European oak from PEFC certified forests is used. Doors are supplied sanded but untreated so you can individualise the doors to suit your home. If you want excellent quality oak doors, affordable prices and to buy from an experienced family business, then talk to UK Oak Doors.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

French Doors - Let in the Light!

A French door is a door consisting of a frame around one or more glazed panels (called lights or lites). French doors can be installed singly or as a matching pair. A French door in a pair may also sometimes be referred to as a French window.

When installing a pair of French doors you will see that the central mullion is not included which really opens up the space providing a clear and unobstructed opening. Some French doors will slide whilst others will open normally or be rebated to one another.

Solid Oak External French Door
French doors are hugely popular and it's not hard to see the appeal. Whether it's an external French door, leading out to your garden or patio, or an internal French door to divide the rooms whilst allowing light to flow through.

Choose to have a single door or a pair of French doors depending on your available space.

Solid oak French doors have a huge wow factor.
4 Panel Internal French Door

The solid oak external French door (pictured left) is made using traditional construction methods and is 44mm thick. Glazing is not supplied so you can select your own style - of course it is able to fit double glazing if you wish.

For a twist on the single panel consider a French door that consists of several panels, such as the 4 panel French door, pictured right. Or how about a stable door with a French top?  It's certainly proving to be a big hit - offering the best of both worlds according to some.

Whatever style you prefer, French doors are a brilliant way of letting the outside into your home all year round. Or used internally, French doors can really open up the space and brighten some of those areas that would otherwise be quite dark.

Transform your home and add a real wow factor with oak French doors.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

More Exclusive New Products - Solid Oak Internal Doors!

Another new addition to the UK Oak Doors product range is the shaker style 5 panel door

5 Panel Shaker Style
2 Panel Style
The shaker style has been around for a long time and looks great in many different styles of home rather than being tied to any particular era or theme. 

The shaker style oak door features simple, clean flat panelling - there are no raised mouldings. 

It works well as a contemporary door and you can rest assured that this is the same great quality as all of our other internal oak doors and just as sturdy and durable.

Another new style is the 2 panel solid oak door (pictured right). Again, the panelling is a clean flat panel style and it's proving to be a popular choice in modern and traditional homes alike.

Traditional construction methods are used in both of these doors with mortise and tenon joints and 35mm thick solid European oak.   

These oak doors are made from PEFC certified sustainable wood; helping the forests and keeping your conscience clear.

You might expect that you’d have to pay over the odds for solid oak doors, but not when you shop with us. Our doors are competitively priced, offering a superior product at great value for money.